‘Houseparty’ rapper Meek Mill may literally have to attend a house party if he wants to party in New York City again.

After the bottle fight, involving Chris Brown and Drake that took place last month, it looks as though New York club owners are scared to take the risk of letting Meek Mill (who was allegedly involved in the fight) few in the clubs.

For instance, the other night. he attempted to get into a few nightspots around the meatpacking district, including Tenjune, but was unable to gain entry. He eventually took to twitter and cried racism:

I don’t got no love for these clubs that discriminate against a certain race! F-ck you…u won’t get these racks!

Meanwhile, not only did club W.I.P (the club where there incident happened) lose it’s liquor license, but it was also shut down by the NYPD earlier this week and the club is being sued by NBA player Tony Parker who says he was hit in the eye with glass during the brawl.

This doesn’t sound like discrimination at all…more like risk management.

It won’t be surprising if Drake and Chris Brown are more than likely banned from a few clubs in the city as well.