What does a former Philly corner boy, a division 1 basketball player from Ohio and a teen sensation all have in common? Rick Ross. As Rozay continues to assemble his Maybach Music Group Empire, we sat down with three of the guys: Meek Mill, Stalley and Omarion (aka Maybach O) on the night of the release of their compilation album Self Made 2.

So what do three incredibly different guys all have to talk about? Women (of course). What resulted were a variety of answers to questions on what they find attractive in different women, to love & even heart break. Meek just wanted to go home. Stalley wanted to talk and Omarion…We’re really not sure what Omarion wanted. But it was entertaining nonetheless.

Check out the interesting chat below:

Ready fellas?

Meek: Please don’t ask me nothin crazy

Omarion: come on (begins to dance), I’m with it. I love it.

Stalley: I’m ready

What’s sexy to you?

Meek: Pretty girls, man. All shapes, lightskin, darkskin, just beautiful girls. I’m face first and then it don’t even matter after that.

Stalley: It’s a lot. See I’m weird. I like teeth. I like a pretty smile. Also, I just like personality. I like a girl that can talk to you about sports and then current events. And of course a nice body.

O: I like an attitude. They don’t mess with every n-gga they come across. Confidence, cleanliness. Those are the two things that stand out in my mind. If you fly and you clean, that’s awesome.

Omarion, are you coming across a lot of dirty women?

O: I’m just saying female hygiene has to be taught from your mom. Someone teaches you to do that right. And I’m just keeping it all the way real. Fly and clean. I like that.

Name the sexiest woman you know?

Omarion: Tae Heckard. She’s sexy to me.

Stalley: That’s hard man cause these girls out here now ain’t sexy. It’s a wide range from Erykah Badu to Halle Berry.

Meek: Nah

Have you ever been in love?

Meek: Yeah, I fell in love with a couple whores in my life…

Stalley: I found a lot of women that I thought it was love but it wasn’t.

O: I feel like I’ve been in love in its purest form.

And how’d love work out for you?

Meek: What I just say? I wasn’t calling all girls whores. I was just talking about a couple whores. The ones that broke my heart

Stalley: I didn’t really get the attention I needed at home – kinda like how girls be hoes. So when you finally do get love, you end up losing it because you don’t really know what you have…

What are you guys like when you’re heartbroken?

Meek: (Drops head)…In the house stressing, pulling out my hair man, about to blow my brains out.

Stalley: I don’t get heartbroken anymore. I’m numb to all that. I don’t think anything can get to me or bother me to where I’m sick.

O: I can’t get my heart broken any more. I can only be disappointed. Because when you understand someone and they aren’t taught how to love, you can only love them for who they are. You can’t expect them to be more.

Stalley, how’d you become numb?

Stalley: Just being sick too much. I’ve only been this way maybe for a year.

Meek: I was just playing when I answered that last question. I don’t get heartbroken. I’m not saying it’s not gone happen …. just not yet.

Meek, you know I don’t believe you, right?

Meek: Naw, I’m for real.

What is ‘wifey’ material?

Meek: I like pretty, cool girls that I can relate to and conversate with. They gotta have some type of street in them, if you’re gonna be my girl.

Stalley: Someone that believes in themselves and very confidant and has no insecurities. Beautiful of course and believes in me. I mean, just be on point in all ways. Hold your man down. It’s simple.

O: A woman that’s prepared to say ‘Omari, I know you’re pissed off at me right now, I know you upset but when you done being mad, I’ma be right here.’ She’s gone be that lady that’s like ‘I’m here. I don’t give a f-ck what you say, what you feel, I’m not goin nowhere.’

What kind of street? Cause there are definitely different kinds.

Meek: You got to know you can’t let nobody follow you home. You gotta know all types of stuff, you know what I’m saying?

Meek, does she have to come with ‘street’ or are you going to teach her that?

Meek: You gotta come with that. Nobody can teach you them things.

 Do you eventually want to get serious with someone?

Meek: Yeah, one day in my life. When I’m 38.

Stalley: Of course. I would love to. Family is very important.

O: I love monogamy. I feel like it’s a responsibility and when you take on that responsibility it deciphers the men from the boys.

Meek, that’s, incredibly specific…

Meek: 36 or something, when I get a little older. I got a lot of life to live right now.

What’s your favorite part of your life right now?

Meek: The money. Taking care of my family. That’s what mattesr most. Just getting my mom and my sister houses, that’s been my greatest moment for me.

Stalley: Any girl I want, I can get…If she’s single. I’m not trying to take a married woman.

O: (just…dances)

Stalley, I feel like we should test this theory. Should I just pick out a couple women for you and see if you can make it work?

Stalley: (laughs) I have to want them though. It’s just the charm. Women understand my story. They fall in love.

Tell me a secret?

Meek: No

Stalley: Hit me on twitter and I’ll tell each of you directly. @Stalley

O: I love red. (Laughs)

Stalley: Can you put my face on NecoleBitchie.com? My face really needs to be on the front page.

I’ll see what I can do.