Is BET’s highest rated scripted show, The Game, about to jump the shark?  I would hope not but what would the show be like without the storyline revolving Derwin and Melanie?

According to a well-placed source at Kevin Frazier’s Hip Hollywood entertainment site, both Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall will not be returning to The Game next season. **Gasp**  Is it even possible for the show to go on without those two? The ups and downs of Derwin’s relationship with Melanie was the central plot that held the show together from the beginning.  Although an exact reason for their departure hasn’t been given or confirmed yet, Pooch is said to be working on a new Showtime series titled, ‘Ray Donovan’ and Tia has been busy filming her reality show with her sister as well as promoting her new parenting book, ‘Oh Baby: Pregnancy Tales and Advice From One Hot Mama To The Next’.

Updated: Tia has confirmed this info via twitter:

A few weeks ago, Pooch Hall told his followers that, although he is filming a new Showtime series that he is still able to do ‘The Game’ and he was hoping that BET worked it out so it looks as though it may have all come down to maybe getting more money per episode.

The Game was already going down hill this season but without Melanie and Derwin it really will so they might as well cancel the show. Smh The Game was one of my favorite shows, they sure know how to mess up a good thing!
What do you think?!