Check out this interview with A$AP Rocky as he explains his, “Wassup” video, his views of the Hip Hop culture, performing for large crowds as well as his views on the gay community! I’m not going to lie I was confused by his, “Wassup” video at first, but A$AP Rocky explains, ” It’s obvious that I’m mocking the typical Hip Hop stereotypes. First you sell your soul to the illuminati, then you get the fancy cars, the money, the girls, the champagne, and the clothes. That’s it, and then I woke up!” A$AP Rocky also takes a very mature approach in speaking about the gay community and basically says it shouldn’t matter what their preference is and he does not discriminate against anybody! For more check out the interview below on Vlad TV!

I’m definitely supportive of A$AP Rocky and his music! He’s a positive brother with Dope Music!!!