Viewers tuned into the premiere episode of Lala’s Full Court Life on Monday night to find Lala enlisting a former stripper to teach her how to twerk for her man so that she can keep him at Bay.  You see, Carmelo Anthony has a new assistant by the name of Asani that La has to keep her eye on after engaging in a chat with friends about whether or not a woman and man can just be friends or work closely together without sexual attraction. Melo’s Assistant is an attractive, intelligent girl so of course her friends think it’s only a matter of time before something pops off.

Lala decided to call up Gigi, a “master stripper,” [and former main attraction at Atlanta’s Magic City]  and learned to booty pop and drop it low which helped her build up more confidence  [Hear that ladies? Keep that spice…], but the he say/she say of friends began to get to her after seeing Melo interact with his assistant at a photo shoot and she approached the assistant to see what was up.

While treating the assistant to dinner, she bluntly asked her, “Are you messing with my man?” and Asani made it clear that Melo is like a brother to her.  She also said that it upset her that people can’t see a beautiful woman living a life of integrity and that Melo has always considered La one of his best friends and would never do that to her. After the two chatted it out, Lala seemed cool but she did jokingly warn Asani, “If you do sleep with my man, I will cut you.”

Watch Lala Learn to Booty Pop:

Watch Lala Confront Melo’s Assistant:

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My Thoughts: What female would really admit to this? Especially if he is giving her money to be quiet, and if she wants to keep on tooting  Carmelo and not get the boot then of course she will remain silent. Duh Lala!