Uh Oh! Whose this?!

It’s Yandy Smith from VH1’s Love and Hip Hop and former manager to Jim Jones. She was seen partying in January at Club Dolce with a baby bump, and  she is estimated to be at least 5 months pregnant by her boyfriend who was rumored to have jumped Jim Jones in Harlem a few months ago. Kimbella already revealed her pregnancy of her third child on the last season of Love and Hip Hop, so I guess Yandy and Kimbella will be bumping stomachs as they anticipate the birth of their babies!

But wait that’s not all! Look at the picture below, another cast member of Love and Hip Hop just may be pregnant too!

I don’t know about you but it looks to me that Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones fiancee) may be hiding a baby bump under that blouse as well in this picture with Emily. If Kimbella, Yandy and Chrissy are all pregnant at the same time, that would be too funny! Do you think Emily will follow trend?

Tell me what you think!