Every time Chris gets some good luck (The Grammys), there is some drama that follows right behind it.

An arrest warrant is being prepared as we speak for Chris after he allegedly snatched up a fan’s phone this past weekend in Miami. According to the police report which was filed in the wee hours of Sunday morning, a woman by the name of Christal Spann told officers that she was hanging out inside the nightclub for Chris’ Grammy celebration when she saw Chris and Tyga leave through a side door. She and her friends stepped out of the club hoping to get a quick pic of him on her $500 white iPhone 4S.

She spotted him sitting in a Bentley and when she tried taking a photo, he reached at her through the window, grabbed her phone and allegedly said:

“B—- you ain’t going to put that on no website.”

He drove off and she called the police who are calling it “robbery by sudden snatching.”

According to  Radar Online, Deborah Doty from the Miami PD made a statement saying that the incident is still under investigation but a warrant for his arrest may be issued today, (although it is believed that he is not in Miami right now):

“An incident report was filed against Mr. Brown, and the Florida State Attorney’s Office will be issuing a warrant for his arrest this afternoon, I can’t tell you what time, but it will be today.”

If this all goes down, Chris could be locked up for a probation violation on top of the new charges from the “robbery.”

It’s hard to believe that Chris would snatch up someone’s phone and think there wouldn’t be any repercussions. This past weekend, a fan approached him at the Miami Heat game and he was all smiles as he allowed the fan to take the pic.