A-Milli was born and raised in Harlem. Growing up he enjoyed listening to Hip-Hop artists such as Jay-Z, Fabolous and Lloyd Banks to name a few. In 2003 he was inspired to pursue a career in Hip-Hop. After witnessing a rap battle among his college peers, he knew that music was something that he wanted to pour his heart and soul into and immediately began penning songs and free styling with other artists. A-Milli’s eclectic taste in music reflects in his own music leaving his style open for interpretation. He is more than an artist, he is an entertainer and aspires to become a cultural icon that sets trends throughout the Hip Hop culture and music industry. His dreams reach beyond the atmosphere, and he won’t stop working until those dreams become a reality.

A-Milli’s mixtape “Mind Over Matter” is Coming Soon!

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A-Mill – Invading