Is it just me or is Diddy and Cameron Diaz an odd couple?! And no I’m not going off the fact that it’s a a biracial couple it’s just because the two seem awkward together and because Diaz is not as attractive as she once was in my opinion, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.There have been reports that Diddy is controlling but this is really no surprise at least to me.

The NY Daily News reports: Diddy found Diaz sitting on a couch talking to a guy. “Let’s go,” Diddy told the actress, who quickly got up to follow him out a back exit where celebrities could call their cars.

When the two were leaving, three male party guests wanted to take pictures with Cameron, but Diddy grabbed her hand and told her “Let’s go” again and puller her to a waiting car.

The source said that she’d “never seen him so controlling.”

What are your thoughts?!