Amber Rose dished on everything from the reason she is sorry that she recently called Kim Kardashian a “home wrecker” to her past relationship with Kanye and recently running into his ex Alexis Phifer. She also chatted about her past as a dancer, and why she no longer wears revealing clothes. She did make one thing clear, throughout the interview:

After today, Kanye is my past. I’m moving on. Today is the last day that I have anything to say. I’ve addressed all of the issues, I’ve gotten it off of my chest. I know it took a long time to say it, but I’ve moved on with my life completely. I’m done.

Check out the interview:

First, let’s talk about your new single, “Fame.” It just hit the internet. How did all of this come about and when did you go into the studio and create the record?

It was maybe two month ago. That’s probably the third of fourth song I recorded. I have about a good eight songs done already. “Fame” just stood out to me because I felt it was appropriate for my life. It’s everything that I deal with; it’s scrutiny, rumors … I’ve even watched you post things about me and I’ll be like, “I wish I just had her number, so I can call her and let her know it’s not real life.” I felt like I had to come out with that record first to let people know where I was coming from.

You recently revealed that an artist that’s big in music sent you a track to hop on. I’m going to put this out there since you guys are friends. Can we expect a Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose collab in the near future?

I really want to establish myself as an artist right now. I think the “Fame” record was appropriate to have Wiz on because he kind of understands my life, and he’s my partner. For now, I’m just really focused on establishing myself as an artist before I think about having big features like Nicki Minaj.

What if the roles are reversed and she asked you to be on one of her songs?

Yeah, definitely! Nicki is a lyricist. I think she’s really, really doing her thing. And she came really far, and I’m really proud of her. Anything is possible.

Let’s rewind back to your life in Philly. You became a stripper at a very young age…

When I turned 15, me and my mom became homeless. That’s when I started dancing, and my childhood was over after that.

What was your mom’s reaction?

Well, she didn’t know until I was about 18. That’s when she found out. I think she kind of knew, but she didn’t know. It was something that we never fully spoke about. It was just, “Okay, I know what it is, and thank you, but I wish you didn’t do that.” But I did what I had to do to survive. And that’s the argument that I have with a lot of people who downed me for what I did when I was very young. You know they praise drug dealers that take care of their family and praise men. And I just feel like as women we just need to stick together, [understand] each other’s struggles and support each other.

I’m going to be honest with you … When I ran into you at the Soul Train Awards, you were all covered up and I said, “I think she’s pregnant.”

[laughs] I’m not pregnant.

I said that because your style was more revealing when you first hit the scene. There were photos of you on Miami Beach in a g-string. Now, you’re always covered up from head to toe.

I’m still very comfortable with my body. I feel like having my breasts out on the beach is freedom for me. I can do it. I don’t live in Iraq. I don’t live in the Middle East. I’m a woman, and I’m free, and I live in America. I’ve embraced my body; not in a sexual way, but just the fact that I’m young and I can. I’m still very comfortable with that, but I also grew up. I grew up a lot.

When I first came on the scene, I was with my ex. I was 25 years old–I had just turned 25, and I was very young and very impressionable. I wasn’t the same person I am now. Now, I’m a business woman. I’m a lot smarter. I’ve learned a lot. I’m like a wife now, and it’s just a different life.

Back then you were also very quiet. You didn’t talk, and there was this mystery surrounding you. Was that by choice or was there someone telling you, “You can’t talk. Keep your mouth closed”?

Although I would walk outside and take pictures with fans and have paparazzi follow me, I didn’t feel like a celebrity. I was just like, “Who am I? I’m just Amber from Philly. I’m not a celebrity. I don’t have to do interviews. I don’t have to speak to anybody, let anybody in or let anybody know my business. I don’t have to talk to anyone. No ones cares about what I have to say.” That’s how I felt. And when people were like, “She does everything in the world just to try to be famous!” I’m like, “No, I’m not. I don’t even talk!”

I was very young, and I was so disconnected from the concept of fame. I was so naive. There’s not a handbook that tells you how to be famous. I went from South Philly to Hollywood. It was like, “I’m going to throw you in with the sharks. Swim. Don’t get bit.”

I didn’t understand that every guy I would take a picture with [the media] would associate me with. Then, it would be on all these blogs and stuff like that. It became a lot for me. Then, I realized, “Okay, Amber you’re famous. People don’t like it, but you are.” That’s stuff I had to deal with every day, and I just embraced it. Now I’m just moving forward and doing positive things like philanthropy, making music and doing everything I love.

You recently said that you were sorry for calling Kim Kardashian a home wrecker in an interview with Star Magazine…

I’m not sorry about saying it because it was the truth. I was sorry that I called her a “home wrecker” because I just feel like … It’s hard for me to explain because, as a woman, I need to especially let my Rosebuds out there know that you don’t blame the woman when your man does you wrong! [You don’t do that]. I think, with Star Magazine, it came across as though I was doing that, but I was asked in that interview, “How do I feel about Kim and Kanye dating now?” stated as though I was the reason why Kim and Reggie broke up. This is a question that I get asked constantly, and I’m always quiet, Necole! I’m like, “If they’re happy, I’m happy for them.”

And, just as a human being, I got to my boiling point and said, “That’s not the case. She’s the home wrecker! She did all of that. I did none of that! I don’t mess with men who are in relationships.” When I went home that night, I realized I let my emotions get the best of me. That was something I had to get off my chest in order to move on with my life, and I don’t want to talk about Kanye anymore in any interviews. I don’t want to talk about Kim. I just feel like the reason people ask, “Why did you wait so long to say it?” is because I never said anything about anyone for so long. I didn’t say anything about myself. So, when I first started talking–even though it’s a year later–people still want to know what happened [with Kanye] because I never elaborated on it.

I got that out, but I feel like I’m all about woman empowerment. I just didn’t want to stoop down to that level and call her a home wrecker and just be that type of woman. I forgive her. I forgive Ye. That’s in my past. I’m really happy now, and I just moved on with my life.

It seems like no matter what you do, people are always going to compare you to Kim Kardashian, how would you say you are different?

One, I wasn’t born with a sliver spoon in my mouth. I didn’t grow up privileged. I didn’t grow up with money. I grew up with a struggle like most people in the United States grew up with a struggle. I’m more relatable to the average girl. I’m not willing to do anything for money. It has to be something that I really, really believe in. If that was the case, I would’ve been way more well off than I am now. I would’ve done things I didn’t want to do for money. I feel like since I never sold my soul to the devil, I’ve been blessed so much now to have the opportunity to do all the things I’m doing–not to say that she did.

I just have to do me and make sure I keep it positive and make sure these young girls who look up to me know they’ll struggle and know that they’re going to make mistakes in life, and they’ll overcome it, just like I did.

In your past relationship, you didn’t say very much but you and Wiz are very open with your relationship, more so than most celebrity couples. Why is that?

In life, you’re in relationships and you love people. Then, you meet that one person where you’re like, “Whoa! This is far beyond any love that I’ve ever felt in my life.” You don’t have to sound corny, but, “This is my soul mate, my best friend and I can’t live without this person.” That’s how me and Wiz feel about each other, and we just want the world to embrace it. I feel like we inspire young kids, and especially boys, to be like, “You know what? I just want one girl. I don’t have to sleep with mad chicks to be cool. I got that one girlfriend, and I’m in love with her. I treat her like a queen and I’m good with that.”

I also feel like when people hide their relationship it makes people want to know more. Paparazzi follow you, and they make their own conclusions about what your relationship is. When me and Wiz first spoke to each other on Twitter, it was a trending topic all day. They were like, “Are Amber and Wiz dating? What’s going on?” Now that we talk to each other on Twitter all the time, it’s no big deal. It’s like, “Ah, it’s just Amber and Wiz again. They’re in love. No big deal.” It’s not a big deal, and people aren’t so shocked anymore. We let it out, and that’s it.

Last month, at a show in Philly, Kanye said that he use to tell you that he didn’t like your outfits, or your hair. Those are the type of things that women do not like to hear from their man. How did that affect you?

I guess I could speak for all women … When you’re with a man who says those things to you or talks down to you like that, it does affect your confidence. He was a total d*ck–a total, total d*ck. But, for me, it was very real. The relationship was very real. It wasn’t no publicity. He’s not gay like people say he is. He’s not gay at all. He loves women more than I would have liked at that time, but he was an asshole. But, like I said, I forgive him. I moved on, and I’m past all that. The problem that I have with the scenario is that he’ll say all those things. Then, he’ll say, “Thank you Philly for making the incredible person that this song was made for.”

Then, I’m like, “Ah, that was nice. That was really cool, and I appreciate that. Thank you.”

Then, he’ll say, “Never find love in a strip club.”

It’s like … Don’t even bother. If there was a moment I felt I could forgive him for treating me like sh*t, that’s gone now.

Do you ever think it came from a place of being hurt. In his mind, he may have thought, “I made you. I helped make you famous. When you leave this relationship, no one’s going to care about you.” But maybe he’s struggling because you are still here…?

The thing people have to understand–and it’s hard for people to comprehend–is Kanye did not make me. Kanye did not make me. My mother and father made me. When I came out on the scene, people didn’t care that I was Kanye’s girlfriend. They were like, “Whoa! Who’s that alien-looking bitch? Who is she? She’s bald headed. Does she talk? Does she even have a voice? Where is she from? Is she Swedish? What does she do? I want to know about her.” That’s because I was interesting. Kanye had other girlfriends before me. No one gave them the attention I got–because they were interested in me.  Shout out to Alexis. I saw her the other day.

And how was that. Did you talk?

We didn’t fully talk, but she’s cool people. I think we have a lot in common.

So where do we go from here Amber. You have a new record out. What’s next for you?

Putting the song out, I prepared myself for the criticism and the scrutiny. Necole, I’ve been through so much with all this media and Internet bullshit that nothing can bring me down. Nothing. No song. Nobody. So, If I put my song out and nobody liked it, and the trending topic was “#AmberRoseSongFameSucks,” I’m cool with that. I’m still going to be on Cloud 9. Everything I’m doing is independent, and I’ve got love in my life. I’m good. I can’t cry over people who don’t know me. You can’t please everybody.