Nearing the end of last year, ‘Better In Time‘ songbird Leona Lewis broke the news that her long awaited album ‘Glassheart’ was to be released in 2012 and not in November 2011 as had initially been scheduled.

So now, with not long to go until the project hits stores, record executive Clive Davis has shared a number of details regarding his contributions to the LP and aired out his feelings towards her second album, ‘Echo‘.

His comments below…

On working with Lewis, he explained:

My current album project is Leona Lewis. I was asked by Simon to consider producing her with him when  she first broke through with X Factor. He sent me all the reels of her performances on the show, and she has a very big strong range, so I agreed to undertake that.

I held a songwriters audition appraisal and had her fly over to sing three songs for them, which triggered ‘Better In Time’ and ‘Bleeding Love’. That album sold 9 million copies worldwide.

When it came to her second album- she co wrote about eight songs which I was very skeptical about, because you don’t become a writer just because you think it’d help you earn more from publishing and royalties.

Even though it didn’t sell well in the United States, outside of the States it did very well so now that we’re about to finish her third album-which I think is damn good and has hits-  I’ve been talking to Will.I.Am, Ryan Tedder , Polo and we’re taking the old fashioned approach of coming up with hit songs and hit records.

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