With the pending Love & Hip Hop drama coming to a head, we thought it was time to check in with the one woman courtside for all the action, singer and Love & Hip Hop alum, Olivia.

What we got was a little insight of just how the (seeming) undoing of Team Jim Jones came about, her exact involvement and just how much is being manipulated for cameras. She also dished on her new love, her career and whether she’d return for a third season of the show.

Time to go On The Record with Olivia.

Ok, let’s get right into it. Do you feel caught in the middle of this war between Chrissy and Yandy?
You know what, I do. See, I’ve known Yandy for 8 years. From my Violator days. And we’re friends. And I’ve known Chrissy, well since we first started filming, so for 2 years now. But with Chrissy it was a fast bond. We just met and clicked and I was like ‘Yeah this is easy’.  So when I found out Yandy was joining the cast, I figured because they knew each other though Jim, that it would be good. ‘This should be a breeze, there should be no drama.’ I was wrong. It’s caught me off guard. I do feel completely caught in the middle.

Is the situation repairable?
At one point I thought it was. I don’t know about now. But I do believe anything is repairable. One thing about Chrissy is when she does calm down, she will be like ‘You know what, I can give you one more try.” She’s not some unreasonable person. And I personally hope she’s not done with Yandy.

In your opinion, does one hold more blame than the other?
Coming from Chrissy’s side you can understand why she’s mad. I mean you see Yandy give her the book. But then you have to know Yandy. She really is a good person. Yandy really was trying to help. And then when we were at the showcase, and Yandy got up to dance to Mama Jones song…You have to understand Yandy has a great relationship with Mama Jones so why wouldn’t she show support and dance to her song? But then you can see why Chrissy’s mad. If you know the song is about Chrissy and you two aren’t on the best term right now, then you can see how Chrissy would take this as a diss. So it’s hard because both sides are equally right to both people.

You really are right in the middle.
I’m definitely in between them. Just know this, I won’t let them fight.

What’s been the hardest part for you in all of this?
Actually the hardest part for me has been the editing. They make me seem like I’m two-faced! Perfect example, when I went to see Kimbella and Yandy. The edit made it seem like I agreed that Yandy deserved an apology. When really what I said was ‘Chrissy isn’t going to give you an apology but you really want it then ask this one last time and if you don’t get it then let it go.’ And they made it look like they said she deserved it. So after it aired, I hit Chrissy just to let her know that wasn’t how it happened and you know, she knows how it goes. But the viewers don’t.

Ok, so let’s switch gears. What’s going on with you? You’ve been traveling a lot!
Yeah! It’s great. I just got back from Africa, specifically The Ivory coast and then Turkey. I love Africa because it’s just gorgeous. I love when I get booked for over there either doing shows and hosting. It’s always great.

What’s going on with the music?
I’ve got my new single, which is doing very well. So I’m happy. I finally get to do the music I want.

What’s changed?
I have a manager who listens to me and allows me to do what I want. Both of the labels I had deals with tried to change me. I wasn’t able to be myself. Both J Records and The Unit needed me to be something other than what I was. Of course I have a bad side, a potty mouth, of course I rap but I’m a singer. I never had somebody who would let me do what I want until now.

What’s going on with the third deal? Are you still looking?
It’s difficult. We’ve had a lot of deals offered but we need the right deal. We’re mostly concerned with marketing and promotions. I feel like that’s where they went wrong with me. I was marketed as a rapper. But finally having the right management who knows how to manage R&B artists, we can finally do it right. But we’ve had big offers  – for 3 albums, a singles deal – so the issue isn’t an offer, it’s waiting for the right offer.

So after two sour deals, why not just stay indie?
It’s not a bad idea at all but the problem is for R&B you have to throw way more money into the project than with a rapper. The good thing about Rich is he’s a radio person. He has the relationships with radio and the DJ’s to get the spins we needed and despite what people thought ‘December’ did really well. Especially on our own. But in order to do what we wanted to do, with R&B you need that label push…if we had had label behind December? It would’ve been even bigger.

What’s been the most frustrating thing about being an artist?
Getting people to understand me. Sometimes I think about the show. On one hand I’m like this was a good thing to do because now they get to see me. Both of my record deals were big deals for me but the public never really got to see me. But then I look at how the show tries to portray me sometimes and…I don’t know. My fans get that it’s a reality show. They get that its a about the drama. They get to focus on my music. But I wonder if the general public gets it.

What kind of feedback do you get?
I get more positive from it than negative but sometimes you want to answer the negative back. You’re human but thank God I have self-control. I just eat it because  if you explain it then you’re doing way too much. I know what it is, my real friends know what it is. So why should I explain it to you? Let me just sit here and entertain you.

Would you come back for a third season?
Man, I don’t know. I’m not sure there’s much farther you can take my characters. And I don’t know how much more I’m willing to open up. The editing annoys me. I’m not always crying like they make it seem. But then you have a good show about women in the industry. So I’m honestly not sure. We’ll see.

Are you dating?
I am. I’m happily in love.

Whoa. That’s quite a statement. Do I know this guy that’s got you so happily in love?
I don’t know if you know him. But we tweet each other all the time, we’re so corny.

Is this your first time being in love?
Yes. It’s my first time. He’s the only person that could tame me. Make me want to be a one man, woman.

When did you know you were in love?
The second day we were together. We were traveling together for a charity event and we had such great alone time together. And he did the cutest thing, he said, ‘I really would like for you to be my girlfriend.’ Nobody has morals anymore, so that was nice for him to ask me like that.

This sounds serious. Love & Hip Hop Wedding Edition?
It’s only been 5 months…Just know that we’re in love.

Tell me a secret?
I sing in the dark. When I’m recording, everything has to be dark. All the lights have to be off. The engineers have to work off the lights on the board. It’s a mood that it puts me in and just really comfortable.