Singer/ Actress Brandy made an appearance on the Wendy Williams show earlier today for promo of the 5th Season of BET’s “The Game,” which starts Tuesday January 10, 2012.  Brandy discussed her character (Chardonnay) on the new episodes, her upcoming role in Tyler Perry’s new movie, “The Marriage counselor, and the new love of her life. Brandy also revealed that she misses her friendship with Kim Kardashian and that she will be releasing a new album in May of this year. So far it’s looking like a good year for Brandy and I hope it remains that way!

Below are a few excerpts from Brandy’s interview with Wendy:

Is the guy your dating a congressman or an actor?
No, he’s not an actor; he’s actually in music publishing.

Are you in love?

Is he older than you?
He’s not older than me, he’s one year younger than me.

Does he have children also?
No, he doesn’t but he loves Syrai. No baby mama drama.

On how she snagged a role in Tyler Perry’s ‘The Marriage Counselor’
Tasha smith, the actress who’s also my acting coach she put in a good word with me to Mr. Perry and he called and it just happened. I’ve been looking for him for like three years. I’ve also wanted to work with him and this was the perfect project. I love the message of the movie and a great cast and I’m just really blessed to be apart of it.

How did you and Kim Kardashian get along on the set?
I never saw Kim because we didn’t have any scenes together. Not because I cleared the way for her not to be around me but honestly I can just take this moment and say I really miss my friendship with Kim, I really do. I can’t wait to see her at the premiere and try to say something to her; tell her I love her and I’m here whenever she needs me.

Just say it to the camera.
Kim, I love you and I’m here whenever you need me and keep your chin up.

Are you back in the studio with music?
Back in the studio; album should be out in May.

Is it a rapping or singing album?
No, it’s a singing album. I’m singing my heart out.

Can we talk about the rapping then?
No, let’s not. It was a hobby; I was convinced to do it professionally, which I never should have listened to that advice.