James Rich & Clifton HYE

New breed of MC out Of Staten Island NY James Rich, Brings you a new age energy. With a lyrical ability that stems from the Golden era of Hip-Hop. James Rich and the whole Clifton HYE camp Bring a Fun/alternative perspective of their city. His first single, “Swag” was an Island wide hit but was just a peek of what he has in store. Check out Clifton HYE’s episodes of The Cool Table!

Josiah Hotwire

Josiah Hotwire is the triple threat (artist/producer & video director) the world’s been waiting for. Born an raised in Harlem NYC, Josiah Hotwire has been apart of music since birth. He started producing an shooting film as a teen honing his talents in the NY underground scene early. Traveling all over the country and abroad, Josiah Hotwire is a lyrical beast and an International Superstar. Rocking out with his rock band, or performing with his group the Blunt Brothers, The Luvaboys or his reggae group Badness INC. He’s not just a musician, but a strategic businessman. Started his own label in 2009 entitled TrapKeepers Ent, Josiah Hotwire has  taken control of his career and his creative vision.

Yung Miso

 Yung Miso is a Harlem bred rapper who has been penning rhymes since the age of 7 and has been working to perfect his craft ever since, citing Tupac as his musical inspiration. With a deceased father and a mother in rehab for drug addiction, he was raised by his aunt who is a Pastor. Having been raised in the church he believes God has helped him through his tough times.  At the age of 11, however Yung Miso was arrested and was incarcerated for 2 years. During his incarceration he was afforded the time to think, which changed his perspective of life and people. He credits his belief in God and music for helping him cope with life after. Currently Yung Miso says that his motivation in life is his child, and wanting to provide a better future for himself and his family. Reaching toward his goal of succeeding in the music industry, Yung Miso hopes to one day be amongst the rappers he now considers his inspiration such as Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. Look out for him a star on the rise. “Any man that never takes a chance, never has a chance.” -YungMiso
Co Ice

Harlem bred artist Co Ice is a talented young rapper whose come up has been nothing short of amazing, he’s been gaining his buzz through the college scene performing at various schools and music venues along the east coast. He’s also known for his team’s new label BLACKZ IZ BACK ENT and his close ties with rapper Fabolous’ camp, “Street Fam”. Reppin’ his hood to the fullest, Co-Ice’s passion for music and motivation stems from his neighborhood, family and friends that depend on him to make it in this rap game.

Smoovey is a young, up and coming rapper/ songwriter hailing from the South Bronx although he now resides in Harlem. Smoovey has managed to overcome many struggles throughout his childhood, using music as a means to keep his cool. Rapping since the tender age of 10, Smoovey notes Biggie, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Rakim, and Nick Cannon as his influences in one way or another. Although Smoovey is a rapper, he got his start doing Poetry slams throughout the BX and eventually moved up to performing in showcases. Gaining a buzz, Smoovey is locally known for one of his songs entitled “Grinding In The Cold”. Expect to hear much more from this young artist this year. Smoovey is bringing you new music this summer with his mixtape “Da Struggle Made Me Grind”. Be on the lookout for that in June 2013.